Electricity prices are currently at a new record high. But that's not all - according to forecasts, electricity prices will continue to rise in 2023. For many, this is the main reason to look around for a possible alternative to buying expensive electricity from the public grid.

Are you also looking for a suitable alternative for your own home? Then we have the right solution for you: Save electricity costs thanks to a solar system on your roof. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and significantly cheaper than electricity from the energy supplier. In this way, you are independent of rising electricity prices long-term and are protected by ongoing electricity costs in the future.

These are the reasons for the rapidly increasing electricity prices

Why are the electricity prices at your network provider constantly increasing, and there is no end in sight? The reasons for the drastic increase in the price of electricity are varied and a combination of different factors.

The increased fuel costs of hard coal and natural gas are currently significantly impacting electricity prices in Germany. Due to the rising raw material prices, power generation is inevitably becoming more expensive. This causes an increase in wholesale prices for electricity, which end customers, in particular, feel through significantly higher electricity bills.

Another reason is the low level of wind at the beginning of autumn 2022. As a result, more expensive conventional energy sources have to cover a larger part of the electricity requirement. In addition, the increasing EEG surcharge and the widely varying grid fees are noticeable due to the high electricity prices.

As you can see, the current electricity price development is a complex network of different causes. And unfortunately, the prognosis for the coming years does not look any better either. According to current media reports, a further price increase of 3 percent is assumed. Due to the rising prices for mains electricity, your solar powered generator will now pay for itself even faster.

That's why you save with your solar system on your roof

The 2022 electricity price comparison shows that a kilowatt hour of electricity from your solar system is already two-thirds cheaper than electricity from the energy supplier. While the current electricity prices from the network provider are already around 35 cents per kWh, self-generated electricity from your solar system only costs you 10 cents per kWh.

In addition, you will receive an additional feed-in tariff from the network provider for your unused electricity for 20 years from the installation. In April 2022, this was 6.53 cents per kilowatt hour but fell steadily. Self-consumption is, therefore, decisive concerning the savings potential of your solar system. The more electricity you generate you use yourself, the more profitable your solar project will be.

You get a high level of self-consumption, for example, by integrating a 24v lithium ion battery. With the help of a wall box, you can also charge your e-car with solar power and thus increase your self-consumption.

Expand savings potential through photovoltaic subsidies

The various photovoltaic subsidies offer further savings potential concerning your solar system. There is a large number of national and regional subsidies for photovoltaic systems and individual components. Since the funding application can sometimes be opaque, our funding service will help you track your funding opportunities and ensure you receive maximum support.

If you are planning a solar project, you should keep an eye on the subsidies offered early on. Our experts from the funding advisory service will also be happy to check which funding is suitable for you and will help you through the application process. You don't have to worry about the complexity of funding applications or meeting deadlines, and you can use the full savings potential of your photovoltaic system.

Your solar system pays off - especially for the environment

In addition to the electricity cost savings, your solar system pays off, particularly for the environment. Each of us can contribute to the energy transition. Therefore, we have made it our mission to enable clean energy for everyone and to make green electricity a matter of course.

By generating environmentally friendly solar energy you can reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing a solar system is also the first step away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy and greater independence.

Our customers alone have produced almost 17.5 million kilowatt hours, 17,500-megawatt hours, of green electricity since 2016, saving almost 6,700 tons of CO2. Another positive aspect is that solar systems are already working in a climate-positive manner after only one to two years of operation.

Would you like to know how high your savings potential is with a off grid solar system? No problem! In our online configurator, you can put together your solar system according to your needs and see immediately how your electricity cost savings develop - depending on the size and selection of the components.

Your potential CO2 savings and possible self-sufficiency are also calculated based on your data. This value describes how high the share of your used solar power in the total power requirement is. With a photovoltaic system without storage, this is currently 3,402 kWh. With power storage, the degree of self-sufficiency increases to 85 percent, making you significantly more independent.

You can use our online configurator to plan your solar system conveniently and easily from your home. Since we attach great importance to brand independence and transparency, we offer you various components from different manufacturers. You can put together a solar system that suits your needs and then have a non-binding offer made for you.

Our solar experts will be happy to give you more detailed advice over the phone regarding planning your solar project and choosing your components. In addition, our fixed price guarantee gives you full security of what acquisition costs you can expect.


The current electricity price increases are making you sweat too? No wonder, given that grid electricity is currently already 35 cents per kWh. Today we presented you with a cost-effective alternative based on electricity price comparisons: solar energy from your roof.

With the help of your solar system, you can save a lot of electricity costs and thus get more planning security when it comes to developing your electricity costs. This not only saves you money but also protects the environment.